Alhucemas City

It is the capital of the Central Rif province of the same name. It has a population of approximately 50,000 peoples.This city of Morocco has a Spanish twist, as it dates back to the years of the Rif War in the first quarter of the twentieth century; When some Spaniards landed and named it Villa Sanjurjo. It was later when he reprized his name after the independence of Morocco in the early fifties. Since then it is known as AlHoceima Al Hoceima or;

It is set in a bay and opposite the rock of the same name which gives it a lovely view, atransparent and calm waters where you can practice all kinds of sports or enjoy the sun.In recent years it has become a favorite among European tourists for its proximity toSpain places.

The town itself is not as developed as other Moroccan, but thanks to the increase intourists is being invested in the area to put up with other cities. However, this makes for a most charming destination where you can find peace and tranquility wrapped inunspoilt surroundings and a surprisingly open and friendly people with the visitor.

Al Hoceima is very well priced for the quality of their dayly fish.Every day enter its harbor dozens of fishing vessels, resulting in their craft and traditional fishing; Soles, mullet, whiting, shrimp, squid, grouper, prawns, rather less well known, the sardine and anchovy in the sea bay Alhucemas.Products high quality served at your table in the many restaurants and bars surrounding the port and the hub of the town.

After the urban settlements in recent years, regained their original facades and tiledwith squares and main streets became a great pedestrian space and evokesmaintaining its historic past colonial.En today is a resort town frequented by domestic tourism Europe and its mostly because of its beautiful beaches. It has a fishing port and commercial use, with a ferry line to Motril, Granada.

It also has interest from around where charming beaches abound and its Natural Park.

It also attractive for lovers of history and war in Africa, as in this famous city Alhucemas landing in 1925, following the defeat of the Rif local leader Abd el Krim was developed.

Visiting the city

Modern city of white and blue houses on the cliffs fall into the sea or into the small portcity pesquero.Es lively afternoons and evenings, abounding youth.

As a legacy of the Spanish culture, many buildings constructed during the period of theSpanish protectorate left.

In the square Mohamed VI, downtown, on the beach Burned Melchor de Jovellanos highlights the cultural center run by the ministry of Spanish culture. This has a similararchitecture buildings in Andalusia and was originally the headquarters militar.Limitathe beautiful building of the former headquarters of Bacha, now pending in the works that will become it the Museum of Rif.

At the edge of the square stands the classic hotel Mohamed V, and the Royal Palace,beside them access to the harbor  and Quemado beach .

Behind the Mohamed VI Square, via the street Abdel Krim El Khattabi, highlight the Cheetah Park (they had chimps not that long ago, hence the name), another center of the city at the time of the Protectorate, a very nice place and Anime for coffee, chaired by the former Christian church, the Mohamed V schools, post offices and other buildings of the time.

Since Mohammed VI square, following the street Tarik Ibd Ziyad westward reach thebeach Cebadilla, just across the bay, stands the new boardwalk to the beachCebadilla, near the Muslim cemetery, Jewish and Cristiano.En this area are buildingnew residential neighborhoods like Badis Jadid.

At the southern entrance of the city is the Piazza del Rif or Florido, ancient heart of thevillage with cafes restaurants and hotels and Oriente.Saliendo Florido old city on this side, stands Cala Bonita, modern area which features a nice park with modern bus and big taxis station (Gare Routiere d’Al Hoceima ).

Also note the high Mirador neighborhood dominated both coasts with the classic restaurant of the same name, the Tennis Club, the new avenue Hassan II Mosque, a sports area, and Marjane mall.