Sfiha Beach

It is accessed on five minutes walking from Casa Paca Guesthouse.
It is the beach where not long ago, the famous Club Med Alhucemas, were placed.

Sited six miles east of the city of Al- Hoceima, visitors find themselves in front of the rock overlooking the bay , El Penon de Alhucemas and two amall island nearest to the coast , islands «Land » and «Sea » .
It offers a panoramic view from the descent of the steep slopes leading down to the beach.

Numerous bars and cafes and restaurants scattered on the beach, rent their umbrellas and deck to visitors as well as soft drinks, coffee and meals.

On the beach Sfiha in the forest that housed the old club Med, can be visited on foot, what appears to be the remains of the forgotten city of Nekor , with more than 1,100 years old.

After completion of work, the students have come to the surface , a wall two meters wide by but 400 long , which would be around when a dock or port. Ruins belonging to the medieval city was Mazamma port Nekkor kingdom founded in the ninth century.